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Google doc, set in an obscure post apco world on another world. There is something to be said about pissing off the one character you shouldn't be pissing off in the first place

1. Yes the ship is waterproof so having salt water from a storm surge rising around it won't hurt it any. Its a well sheltered location so its in no danger of floating off or anything. How ever, its not so waterproof when your character OPENS the bay door letting several feet of water rush into the cargo hold just beocuse they saw a dog in the storm that wasn't there a few moments ago. And you never did tell us how your character saw the dog since it was pitch black outside, storming and none of the ships external lights were on and your character is not allowed in the control room so she could not have used the external cameras

2. Said NPC dog latter bit two characters, destroyed cargo and crapped every where and generaly was being a dog. It  was gotten rid of the old fashioned way due to the concern over any diseases it may have. After all its a stray and who knows how long its been wondering the wastelands.  It was only vaguely mentioned at but you have your character throw a massive tantrum over it. One of the other players pointed out that it was a mercenary ship and they can't afford to have another mouth to feed when it did nothing but cause damage and there was the concern over disease

3. Latter the you had your character steal supplies and food behind the crew and the captains back and giving it to the 'less fortunate '. Same captain that who deiced to show an ounce of mercy and allow your character on board due to the fact they could have used your characters skills . Keep in mind this is post apoc world and the captain can't afford to spare supplies for those who are not part of the crew. Shortly before this, you had your character sneak an animal called a Melon on board despite being warned about them. A Melon is a strange little creature the resembles a demented Furby that is a native to the planet. They breed like Tribbles, eat like Tribbles and are smarter then you think they are and are hated by any one who has a ship given their nasty habit of chewing wires, clogging up intakes and eating everything in sight and producing more of themselves.

The amount of damage the animals did by chewing wiring and damaging engine components be squeezing into maintenance areas was staggering, its going to take weeks to repair the damage.

That was the final straw. The your character was tossed out of the ship on her ear to fend for herself. Throwing a massive fit over having to take IGC for the amount of damge your character doesn't put you in a good light.
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