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On an island nation just off the coast of Asia, three factions battle with one another to take control of a politically corrupt government possessing the largest stockpile of unauthorized nuclear weapons in the world. One group is made up of the freedom fighters and rebels that have fought to overthrow their tyrant leader for years. One is composed of the terrorist organization that the corrupt government contracted to construct the nukes, who have since turned on the nation's leaders for the benefits of controlling a country. And the third groups members are the foreign mercenaries who once worked for the terrorist group, but has since betrayed them over contract disputes. The battle between the three has been long and bloody, and has ended in the once mighty tyrant leader, palace destroyed and army all but wiped out, fleeing his country, leaving the position of leader up for grabs.

After an eternity of fighting, it seems that the final battle draws closer. But for all three groups, one loose end threatens their goal.

...For from the fire and flames, a lone Dumbass emerges.  

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No , Commander Dumbass. You are not allowed to throw a missile.

I shit you not. In tonight's lesson in stupidty, our favorite angst ridden, backstabbing, vengeance fuelled Dumbass attempts to throw a missile.

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tl;dr- Commander Dumbass fails at being threatening, then tires to throw a missile. Stupidty ensues.

Also, congratulations Dumbass, this is the second base you've screwed your old team out of.
You guys certainly seem to love hearing about the misadventures of Commander Dumbass, so when it looked like his stupidity was about to finally catch up to him, it was a bittersweet moment. He was finally facing consequences for his actions, but I knew I was going to miss his amazing stupidity.

However, shortly after the last post, Commander Dumbass managed to escape his transportation cell during a follow up enemy attack, and escaped into exile where he swore to get revenge on his wife's killer with or without his team. There was still hope- the tale of Commander Dumbass would continue.

So, after spending so long trying to undermine the rp's main story and make everyone's actions revolve around his angsty revenge quest, what could Commander Dumbass possibly do to top his previous idiotic attempts to gain attention?

Why, a face-heel turn, of course!

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Tl:DR; Unable to seize the spotlight as the hero, Commander Dumbass attempts to become the big bad . Hilarity ensues.
04 March 2010 @ 12:51 am
I'm sure by now most of you have heard my rantings about the amazing Commander Dumbass, but for those of you who haven't, here's a recap;

When the commander of a secret organization's infantry is injured on the job, his second in command is promoted to captain temporarily. While serving as captain, the newly promoted dumbass is faced with the task of infiltrating a rivaling secret organizations' base. He then proceeds to kneecap the tech expert, knock out several other members of his squad, and lob a grenade at his squadmates. His justification? Mercs on the enemy team killed his wife, and he wanted to personally kill their fleeing leader. So, he takes out his own squad to ensure that there's no interference and chases after the merc leader and his seven bodyguards and attempts to face them all on his own. Because "ONLY HE DESERVES TO KILL HIS WIFE'S MURDERERS!" 
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You guys asked me to keep you updated when I told you the tale of Commander Dumbass, the squad commander who demonstrated his brilliant leadership skills by shooting his own men in the kneecaps.

Well guess what guys?

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03 February 2010 @ 04:11 pm
So, you and your squad have broken into an enemy base. After some conflict with the basic security drones, your team bursts through a wall into an office, where you come face to face with high ranking members of the enemy squad. These guys escaped last time you fought by taking members of your team hostage, so you know that these guys are skilled and dangerous. As the leader of this squad, what is the best course of action in dealing with these illusive foes? Attack them head on, attempting to ovepower them with your superior firepower? Send a few men to move around the outside of the room to flank them? Give the signal to your sniper to fire, since he says he has a clear shot? Perhaps you could fall back and attempt to take the enemy out at a chokepoint?

If you answered "shoot your squad's tech expert in the knees to show the enemy that you mean business," then you're absoloutely correct!

...wait, what?